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I I was born on July 22, 1959 in Wichita, Kansas. I have lived in Wichita for all of my life, except for one year, when I lived in Augusta, Kansas. I have three younger sisters. My father, Eugene Mills is still living. My mom, Carolyn Mills, died in June of 1973. My mother loved southern gospel music. As far back as I can remember, I have listened to the Happy Goodman Family, Oak Ridge Boys, Blackwood Brothers and the Singing Rambos. My mom had a heart attack when I was 9 years old. She was bed fast until a few months before she died. I spent almost every evening sitting at the family stereo pretending to be a gospel music DJ and playing certain songs from the 7 or 8 LPs we had. I believe it entertained my mother during those rough years of my mom's life.

While growing up, I would listen to my childhood hero, Elmer Childress on a local country music station on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings. They aired an hour long SGM program by him twice on Sundays! I always wanted to do that!

June 6, 1981 I married the most beautiful woman in the world, Denise! We have been married since that time! The Lord blessed us with twins, Michelle and Michael, on February 28, 1989. Both of the children love the Lord and are going to church. Michael is learning to play the trombone and Michelle is learning the clarinet. Both are doing a superb job!

In 1977, after I graduated from High School, I started to try and get a job at KSGL in Wichita. They never would hire me! I even tried secular stations with no success. I would attempt to get hired every year at KSGL, only to be denied.

I had become good friends with John Overholt at the Better Book Room in Wichita. He was the manager of the music department. I had purchased the majority of my 3,000 plus music library from him! He knew of my desire to get in to radio! The end of October 1988, the station manager of KSGL at that time, contacted John Overholt and asked him if he knew of anyone who would want to work part-time. Did he ever! My first day at KSGL was November 3, 1988. I started out working 3 hours a week. By March of 1989 I was working full-time and had been promoted to music director. I have been at KSGL since that time. I have been there longer than anyone else has ever been.

In 1993 and 1994, I won "DJ of the Year" awards from the Great Plains Gospel Singing Association.

In November of 1994 I founded the Sunflower State Gospel Music Association. I was the president until July of 1998. I chose not to run for re-election, because I was worn out! My good friend, Ed Huffman was elected and has done a tremendous job with the SSGMA.

I signed on to the Internet in March of 1999. I quickly joined a few SGM e-mail conversation lists. My nephew, Shawn did as well. Shawn got a wild idea on June 19, 1999 and started his own SGM conversation list! A few hours later, he had made me co-moderator! I had no idea what he had gotten me into! The Lord has blessed our first list called "Gospel_Music". We now have over 360 members! We have also started 9 other lists since that time! We feel that the Lord has provided us a vehicle to share the good news of Christ, by using the internet. That vehicle is Gospel Music!

I have had opportunities to emcee concerts for the Nelons, Kingsmen, Cathedrals, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Karen Peck & New River, Dino, Ray Boltz, Palmetto State Quartet, Blackwood Brothers, JD Sumner & Stamps Qt, Speer Family, Perfect Heart, Howard & Vestel Goodman, Gold City, Hoppers, Isaacs, Perrys, David Patillo and many others.

I have interviewed many of the legends and singers in gospel music, including Kenny Hinson, JD Sumner, Brock Speer, Rex Nelon, Lulu Roman, Kirk Talley, Candy Christmas, Mark Lowry, Bill Gaither, Haskall Cooley, Laverne Tripp, Barbara Fairchild, Dino, George Younce, Joyce Martin McCullough, David Patillo, Kelly Nelon, Carla Jo Carr plus many others.

The Lord has been very good to me throughout my life. He has saved me and forgiven me of my sins. He has placed a hope, joy and peace in my life that nothing else ever could do. In my late teens, I turned to the world and got involved with things that I am not proud of. But, thanks to His grace, mercy and love, I am no longer that way. It is my soul desire to see that lives can be changed as a result of any tiny thing I can do for the Kingdom of God.


Hello my name is Shawn Campbell. I am a 18 year old young man. I love southern gospel music. I have been raised on SGM since I was a child. My father has sung in my local church quartet for 25 years. Gosh he is old! I am graduating this year from High School, and plan on attending college at Wichita State University. I am not a singer, a DJ or a promoter in the industry, but I am a fan, and I enjoy the music. My talent that God has given me, is the ability to play instruments. I play several instruments, and it is my way of praising God. I think he would rather hear that than my singing. I hope that you too, can find the peace that I have in this stormy world. God Bless and keep you. 
Shawn M. Campbell