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Feature Members

Every other week we will feature three different people that are members of our list.  This will give you an opportunity to get more acquainted with the many talented members of our lists!

Troy and Barbara Cupp, of Williamsburg Kentucky, perform Southern Gospel Music while maintaining the traditional grassroots "mountain sound." The traditional Mountain Sound is one of the oldest and still most popular styles in our industry of Gospel music today. Donít mistake their music with bluegrass because of the mandolin and acoustic guitar. This style of music is loaded with instruments, such as, the steel guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, dobro, fiddle, and the harmonica. It was this sound that brought the mandolin from bluegrass to southern gospel. The Cupps music has become very popular as fans are awaiting eagerly for them to return to the studio this October to begin their new project. You can hear the Cupps sing at the NQC, they will be on the Zion Music Showcase at Executive West September 22, at 1:30 in the Mary Hall. 

Phone: (606) 786-9673 Fax: (606) 786-9973


Heartsong Promotions began to fill the void left by more costly tracking/promotion companies. We felt many artists could not afford prices being charged and wanted to offer a cost-effective alternative.

Our mission is to get the artist's music reviewed by radio personnel and, hopefully, aired. Because of the amount of music being released, if an artist does not hire a promotion company and is not well-known and established within the radio industry, good songs can be overlooked not reviewed because of the amount of music that's received. Station personnel do not have the time necessary to review every song which comes their way. In the past, we have called on a song that has not been reviewed and the song begins receiving airplay because an effort was made to bring the song's attention to station personnel.

Our goal from the start has been to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. We believe God called us into this promotion ministry and that He has directed us to help other artists who might not have another means of being heard.

We have had success in seeing our artists achieve chart position with the southern gospel industry voice, THE SINGING NEWS. We feel quite proud of this achievement, in that these artists were not nationally known. In fact, most songs were the artists' first national releases.

We contact stations monthly, reporting back to the artist on our findings. We offer three packages, tailored to meet the artists' present need.

Donna Strong
Heartsong Promotions 341 Sherman Avenue Hamilton, OH 45013 Phone: (513) 887-6939


WFLQ Q-100 100.1 FM came into being in April of 1983,starting out as a 3,000 watt station,we are now 6,000 watt station broadcasting in the Hoosier Hills(To find out more history of the station and WFLQ go to Owned by William Gerald Willis and his wife Catherine. The company name they chose is Willtronics Broadcasting. From day 1 in April of 1983 we have been an affiliate of Country Coast to Coast a network division of ABC Broadcasting. Country is programmed 7 days a week. On the air Mon-Sat 6am-12midnite and Sundays 6am-10pm. Sundays 6am-12noon we are full fledged Southern Gospel. We carry local news seven days a week and 7 times a day; 7 8 & 9am,12noon and 5 & 10pm. ABC news is carried at the top of every hour. Weather 2 times an hour and a community calendar three times a day keeps our listeners informed of local events. We also carry in season IU Basketball & Football and Indiana Pacers basketball. Local high school sports broadcast as well. A staff of 9 keeps us broadcasting. One of the most popular programs that has been in place since day 1 is the Sunday Morning Gospel Show. The show has had a succession of hosts since 1983 but has never been more popular than it is now. The show which is hosted by me is a mix of local and national artists performing on the southern gospel scene. Hi! My name is Dixie Phillips. We organize & promote a 2-day, all-day Southern Gospel Sing every September in our little town of Floyd, Iowa. We invite around 35 - 40 different groups from various states to come and "sing the 'Glory' down" every Friday & Saturday after Labor Day. The groups sing in 20-minute time slots from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We break 1 hour for lunch & 1 hour for supper. We have a few soloists, male quartets, mixed quartets, ladies' trio, family groups, mixed trio's & a few duets. (This year we had 37 different groups) We would love to hear from you. Could you write us and let us know about your group. You could e-mail us at  or snail-mail us at Pastor Paul & Dixie Phillips, 408 Washington Street, Floyd, IA 50435. This year we had around 1,800 - 2,000 people over the 2-day event. There is a place for groups to sell their tapes & cd's or whatever else they have to sell. We do not pay to have you come, but we find you a church to minister in Sunday following the Sing. If you need a Sunday evening service we will find that for you, too. (The churches have agreed in advance to take up a love offering for the groups & let them sell their products too.) Just drop us a line for more information! We'd be honored & happy to hear from you! 

To be featured on this page you must be a member of at least one of our discussion lists and you must have your link listed on our website!  To submit your information to be included on this website please email all of the information to