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The word hero can sometime be overused.  The definition of hero is "a man admired for his achievements and qualities."  They could have just put a picture of George Younce in my dictionary because he is one of the true heroes of Southern Gospel Music.  Many of the Southern Gospel Music Heroes have recently gone home to the Heaven that they sung about for many years.   John and I decided that it was time we paid tribute to one of the living legends of Southern Gospel Music and that is what this page for George is all about!

-- Scott Evans, Webmaster, Southern Gospel Music Forum

I must agree with you that George is definitely one of 'the good guys' and this last year and 1/2 we have lost far too many of the 'good guys'! 

I know God has a plan and I know that George would want His perfect will but I know as humans we are not ready to turn loose yet.

I knew George actually before he went with the Cathedrals but not well as I was in my early teens then. Somewhere about 1972 the Kingsmen, Cathedrals and Nelons became almost constants in our weekend concerts. They were in NC, SC, or GA (occasionally TN) almost every weekend. If not all 3 groups, some combination of the 3. We were there. I was writing for a local music newspaper in the middle 70s and went to every concert I could attend. There were very few weekends I did not see one of these groups.

There are so many memories of all of them. George used to kid me and call me Anna, now he knew my name but he still called me Anna when he talked to me personally. If he talked to someone else, he would get my name right. When each of my grandparents died, George and Glen both checked on me. The only time I remember ever hearing Glen sing 'Pearly White City' was the weekend after we buried my grandfather. 

He sang it and dedicated it to me. He knew that my grandfather had sung that song. 

Once because of a mix-up in transportation, a friend and I were 'stranded' in Nashville at the NQC. George pulled out the cash and told us to fly home. Now we only took enough to take a bus home and paid him back (or tried to but he never cashed the check) but he wanted us to fly. He was worried about 2 females taking a bus that far.

I had the opportunity to see and talk to him several times this past year and I treasure those times. His wonderful spirit and genuine love is a gift that is precious.

I saw and talked to him 3 times at NQC. Considering the small amount of time he was out with the crowd that was amazing. The first time was when I took him a copy of my book. We hugged and each told the other we loved them. The next time I passed him as he was being taken to the booth through the crowd. He saw me and stopped. He hugged me and told me he loved me and that the book was a blessing.

Not just the poem dedicated to him but the inspirational poems as well. That he loved it and he wanted to tell everyone to buy. We laughed and hugged again before they took him to the booth.

The last time was on either Thurs or Fri night. My daughter wanted to get him to sign her copy of our book. We went to his booth. When he saw Alicia, he looked at me and said 'You did good, Mom'. He hugged us both and the last words he said were 'Don't ever forget how much I love you two. You are special to me.' Now I will hold those memories dear forever. My life is better because I was privileged to know George Younce and my prayer is that there will be many more times to tell him so.

God Bless!
Dee Ann Bailey

When I was in the second grade, my mom and dad carried me to see The Cathedrals singing at the Eastern Randolph High School in Asheboro, NC. There were maybe a few hundred people there. That was back when Glen and George were joined by George Amon Webster, Roy Tremble and Haskell Cooley. 

My dad walked me to the record table and said, "George, I want you to meet my son." George Younce leaned way over and took my hand in his and shook it like I was an adult. "Hello little buddy", he said. You can just hear how he said it can't you?

The next day at "Show and Tell", I told the whole class that I'd shook hands with a bass singer. No one really cared except for me and my teacher. She knew what gospel music was about. For the next several years, I'd lay on the floor in front of our big Zenith stereo (the kind that also doubled as a piece of furniture!) and listen to those Cathedrals records. I knew them all by heart before I was 8.

I've seen George several times over the years but it wasn't until this past year at the SGMA Music Awards that we talked again. Tears rolled down both our faces as I told him about his kindness to a little boy 23 years earlier. I told him he was a hero and he put both his hands on my face and laughed and cried at the same time.

He is a hero. He's an icon of Southern Gospel Music and there's no way anyone can ever estimate how many lives have been touched through his music, his words, his friendship, his kindnesses, and his words of encouragement. He came off the stage after the Cathedral's final performance last year at NQC and walked by one of the Anchormen and stopped, looked at him and said, "Don't give up! Whatever happens, hold the banner high and never give up!"

What a hero.

Tony Rush

The Anchormen

I remember several times in my life coming into contact with George and he is the most kind "gentlemen" I know. As a child, my parents would take me to see The Cathedrals in concert and I would sit on my feet so that I could be high enough to see them. I loved George and once my parents bought me the "Laughing Song" as a cassette single and George autographed it for me.

You would have thought I had met Tom Cruise - I was so excited. I wouldn't play the tape because I didn't want to risk messing up my autograph! Now, years later - my children love George. It's a great feeling to see your kids admire the same people you did when you were their age.

Laura Hudson
Showcase Management
I met George and got to sit and talk with him 5 years ago when Lynda Randle had him as a special guest at her project dedication concert. He is such a sweet, lovable man, who took a sincere interest in what was going on that night. He has a wonderful, deep laugh, and a great, deep love for the Lord and for people. He will always have a very, VERY special place in my heart!! And I know he has had a soft spot in his heart for Lynda Randle for a long time. He has taken a great, personal interest in her music ministry and I know has been a great blessing and encouragement to her through the years.

Connie Jean Floray
I had the privilege of meeting George Younce for the first time in the late 60's at a concert in Hope, Ar. They had not been out on their own all that long and I went with a dear "older friend", Vernon Bright. Vernon knew Glenn Payne very well and of course he knew George also. We had the opportunity because of this connect to visit a little more in depth with Mr. Younce and what impressed me the most through all the years is that he never forgot my name and remained just as humble in the year 2000 as he was at the beginning in 1969. Still loving God and so proud to have the opportunity to sing His praises. He is in deed the best bass singer that has appeared on the scene in the last 40 years. May God stand beside him during every day that George is with us. Berry Lindsey (The Arkie)
Hey George,
You don't know me, but your music has been such a blessing to our family. I am a pastor's wife & mother of 4 children up in northern Iowa. Your music has brought me hope and help. I can be having a rough day and I listen to one of your songs and you help sing the blues away. Without your music I know I'd have to take Prozac. (grin) See how much money your saving my husband. (HA) I tell him that every time I have to buy another video or tape. 
Also, I just want to thank your precious family for sharing you with the rest of us. Especially your wife...... I know she will have great rewards in Heaven!
Keep the "SON" in your eyes,
Dixie Phillips
Floyd, Iowa
I've known George Younce for as many years as I've been involved in the industry. When I first began writing, he and Glen were two of the first people to encourage me and prompt me to continue. He has continued that through the years, even at NQC this year. During the unveiling of the new painting of George and Glen, he told me just how much he enjoyed reading my work.

Several years ago, when I was going through a very difficult time in my 
personal life, I had scheduled an article on George for our Father's Day issue of USGN. We talked for a while and began wrapping up the conversation. He asked how I was doing and if there was anything he or his family could do to help. Then he said he was praying for us. That says it all.

The title of the article was "George Younce, Father and Friend." George has been EVERYBODY'S friend for such a long time. 

Let's continue to pray for our 'friend.'

A lot of different things come to mind when I think of George Younce.  Two specifics memories seem to stick out though!  The first one was several years ago in Dillsburg, PA.  While I had seen the Cathedrals in concert before that I had never met Glen or George.  That day I got to meet and chat with both them!  What impressed me the most though was when they came into the facility, sat on the front row and "cheered" on the other groups on the program that day.  I still remember George joining a local group of high school age boys on stage!  That moment, which I'm sure had been repeated all over the country numerous times, spoke volumes about this great man of God.

The other thought that comes to mind took place last year when I saw George perform here in Lancaster. PA.  This was after the Cathedrals had retired and Glen had passed away.  George is normally resting before and after the concert and is not among the people a lot but I had to chance to talk with him for a few minutes that day! What a thrill that was for me as we discussed everything from Southern Gospel Music to the weather! The concert that day with George, Ernie Haase, The Booth Brothers and the Higher Ground Trio was an unforgettable experience and still ranks among my all time favorite concerts.

I am sure that George wouldn't know me from any of the other countless people he has seen over the years.  However, George has  blessed me in more ways than could be imagined!  And he did it all by following God's leading and just being George!

Scott Evans

I never met George but his music & personality blessed my life over the years. He made me think he was a friend & not just a celebrity. I do know from those who do know him that he is a special man. He is a beautiful man & very well respected all over the gospel music community. He IS gospel music. 

Elaine Harcourt
I have had the privilege of meeting and talking with George several times. George is one of the kindest people I have met in southern gospel music. He has always been so sincere. I have enjoyed many concerts with George and the Cathedrals. I have emceed several of those. George has a terrific voice, whether singing in a quartet or as a soloist. We are blessed to have such a man of God within the southern gospel music ranks. God bless you George!
John Mills
When my husband & I were married in 1985, I had never heard of George Younce or any other gospel singer. It didn't take my husband long to introduce me to the wonderful world of gospel music. (I had not been a Christian very long.) My husband is a bass singer and he loves all GOOD bass singers. One of the very first I remember hearing was George. His smooth sound and his love of our Lord, touched my heart from the first note. I loved him then and I love him now. He will forever be one of the main reasons I love quartet singing. Thank you, George, for just being you.
From Elaine
Montgomery, AL

I have recently started singing baritone with the Americans Quartet from Forest City, NC. I always wished to be a bass singer like you however for now seems I've settled in as a baritone. More than the singing abilities I hope that we can model our ministry after yours because your love for the Lord has always shone more brightly than your love for singing. Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

God bless,
Stephen Matheny

I grew up getting the opportunity to attend many Southern Gospel concerts. But from early on, the Cathedrals were my favorite. Even during the period in my life when I was not interested in Southern Gospel Music, and when I was not living for the Lord, I would go see The Cathedrals whenever I could. What was it which drew me? George Younce and Glen Payne. There was always something about those two men which just drew me in and kept me interested.

A few years ago I was privileged to meet George Younce. He was appearing as a special guest with Lynda Randle at a CD release concert. It was such a blessing to get time to sit and talk with this gracious man. He was so kind, so caring...and so humble. I was hobbling around with a cast on my leg, having been in a serious car accident several months prior to the concert. George was very concerned that I not tire myself or overdo it with my ankle, and kept offering me his chair, making sure I sat down and took "a load off that leg" every chance I got. I will always cherish those memories of that brief time I got with this kind, generous giant Southern Gospel Music.

Connie Floray