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A Few Guidelines For Our Lists

I am not one who likes to have a lot of "rules'! We must have some guidelines however to help our lists run smoothly. Please help the lists out by following these few guidelines.

1) No "flaming" anyone! Everyone is entitled to their opinions on subjects. You will not agree with every comment I or anyone else on the lists make. I always ask that you say a little prayer before you type a response to someone and ask for the Lord's guidance.

2) No rumors or innuendos will be allowed!

3) "One-liners" are discouraged! Please refrain from sending a message that says "I agree" or "I am praying" to the whole list. 

4) If you are responding to someone and it only applies to that person, then please do so privately! Instead of sending it to the list e-mail address, send it to that person's personal e-mail address.

5) It is helpful to change the "subject" line on your messages! Make sure the "subject" line matches what your message is saying!

6) When responding to a message, please delete all of the previous messages. You may want to copy and paste the part of the message you want to reply to.

7) Try and stay close to the subject of southern gospel music! Prayer requests are most welcomed! From time to time, we may stray a little from the subject of sgm, but let's stay as close to it as possible.

8) If you have any complaints or suggestions about any of the lists, please e-mail me privately and NOT to the whole list! E-mail me at

If you have a problem with a list member, please let me know. Do not try and straighten them out on the lists!

I thank you for joining our list(s). It is a privilege to have you on board!
God Bless!
John Mills and Shawn Campbell
list owners and moderators