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October 21, 2000

Would you please keep Cecil Blackwood in your prayers! He is having to have radation treatments on his throat and is having a really hard time eating. He has lost 20 pounds and he said that getting liquids down is like trying to 
force a brick down his throat. The doctor told him if he didn't start eating they would have to put in a feeding tube.


October 21, 2000

I just heard from Tony Gore"s news that their longtime bus driver, James Jackson, died this morning @1AM(est). James drove for TGM since the group started. He had been driving for Gold City the past 4 wks. James was 59yrs. old. He had a heart attack.

October 21, 2000

Roger Ellison (Chosen Few's Casey and Ashley's, Dad) is doing so well that he is in a private room and will be released from the hospital in the next day or so!

After by-pass surgery last week, he had to be taken back into surgery twice because the graphs were not holding.. After being in surgery for 9 hours, he suffered 2 heart attacks. 

We put out a plea for prayers and were astonished at the number of folks that were praying for this man.... a total stranger to most of you! I've forwarded some of your responses to Casey and Ashley and they are very moved that so many of you cared!..

I've talked to DJ's all over the country and have had several ask me about Roger's condition! It has been amazing and wonderful!

Thanks and Blessings!

Jeanette for Chosen Few 

October 13, 2000

Dear Friends: As most of you know I was involved in an accident last month (no, it wasn't my fault!) that totalled our van. My husband is disabled and our son is handicapped so a van is a necessity. Her insurance company is paying off our van and giving us a little over (which is considered fair). Our problem is finding a replacement van we can afford. It took us 8 months to find the last one. Please be in prayer that we can find one soon that will meet our needs. A local missionary board has loaned us an 88 Lincoln Towncar that was given them and it is working for the time being. My husband has to ride in the back seat (he doens't mind as long as it's temporary) so we are hoping to find something soon. We need to get David back on a regular 
pattern. Please join us in praying for wisdom in where to go and who to see. 
God bless and I will let you know when we get it!!!
Gwen E.  

October 13, 2000

Good News - and thanks for the prayers. Cross' fever broke last night and after three days of NO food - he ate dinner!!! I was so happy. He got a new blues clues playhouse for his birthday and he didn't come out of that thing all day and all night! I think if I hadn't threatened him - he would have slept in it! LOL!

On behalf of Cross, and the whole Hudson Family, I thank you for your advice, encouraging words and support but I thank you most for your prayers. Where to or more are gathered in His name - there He will be. Thank you for "gathering" with me in this!!!

Laura Hudson
Showcase Media 

October 11, 2000

It has been brought to the attention of Shiloh, that an urgent prayer is needed in behalf of a very young fan. Last Sunday at a concert, Joshua's grandfather was able to bring Joshua and his sister Amber. At that time, we were told that Joshua would be going to the doctor for some tests on his heart. Tonight we received some serious news and we need everyone's help. I have included below a small part of Joshua's mother's request:

"Joshua was put through a battery of tests yesterday and has been diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis. The aortic valve has a thickening of the wall of the ventricle and the valve is unable to fully open. Moderate to severe stenosis of the aortic valve will eventually cause left and right heart failure. The doctor wants to monitor the progression of the disease before
making a decision concerning surgery. We are going to take him for a second opinion and we are asking every prayer warrior we know to intercede for him. It is my earnest prayer that the throne room of heaven be bombarded with petitions for his healing."

My heart has been broken because Shiloh knows this little boy, and he is a wonderful child. Please take time out daily to pray for Joshua AND his family! I know you will.

God Bless,

October 11, 2000

I have great news! My Mom is coming home. The Dr's took all kinds of tests, and didn't see anything different from what they did the last time she was in the hospital. Apparently she is suffering from Gastroenteritis, which a fancy 
word for gas. :-) She's being sent home with a prescription and needs to take Gas-X.
Thank you all for your prayers. They really help and mean a lot to me and my family!
I love you all! 
Connie Lynne 

October 11, 2000

I am asking the "List" to offer up a prayer asking our God for a miracle. I had open heart surgery in 1993 and it seems, although not conclusive, that my grafts are wearing out. Will have stress test on the 18th of October. I am thankful that God provided doctors with the ability to perform this surgery, but to me it was a traumatic time. I do not know God's will in this matter for me, but I do know that this
list in laden down with "prayer warriors" and I am asking all of you to ask God for those old tired veins to dilate and allow the blood to
flow. Thanking each of you in advance for that prayer. The Arkie,
Berry Lindsey 

October 7, 2000

I would like to request prayer for a 3yr. old twin girl. She has a knot on her brain and it does not look good...I know God is still in the miracle working business and I have sent this request to all of my prayer warriors.. They are doing an MRI and please pray that they will not find the knot, and that she will be completely healed.

May the Lord bless you. Gilda Mullins. 

October 4, 2000

Hello Everyone!
My oh my! There are a lot of prayer requests going around. Well, unfortunately I need to add one more, again! I just found out that my Aunt passed away last Friday, and is now home with the Lord!!! Her husband just passed away about 9 months ago, and they're children are having to deal with a lot this year! The children are all older, but the Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren have lost 2 Grandparents in 9 months, and that's a lot to deal with. Please pray for all of them, and the rest of my family?
Thank you!
I love you all!!!
Connie Lynne 

October 4, 2000

This weekend I was reminded just how fragile life is.....

I spent much of the weekend visiting 4 dear friends in the hospital. Two of those friends are on the verge of death. One friend is only 42, will have his respirator removed today and is not expected to live after it is removed. One day he was fine. Two days later in the hospital with blood clots throughout his body, and two days later he is brain dead. He is a good friend of mine and attends my church. He is also the son of a pianist in 
Wichita. His dad is Kenny McClintock. Kenny plays solo, as well as for Glen Ledbetter and the Singing Ledbetters.  Kenny was the founder of the Calvary Echoes here in Wichita.

Another friend of my is Patty Leach. Patty is about 50 and is not expected to live. She has a rare brain tumor. Patty is the aunt of my co-moderator Shawn. Patty is in a coma.

Two other friends are in the hospital with serious medical problems. Their names are Sue Reed and David Estrada.

I would ask that you remember these good people and their families in your prayers. They all know the Lord. It is still so hard to say goodbye to those you love. My heart is very heavy. Your prayers are appreciated. We 
never know from one minute to the next, when our last breath will be. It pays to have our hearts and lives right with God.

Sept. 30, 2000

I just learned when I returned from NQC that a lifelong friend had been diagnosed with lung cancer while we were there. They have just called and she started chemo yesterday but went into great distress and was placed on a ventilator last night and is in ICU. They are not giving out much hope at all. The family has been called in. She is only 46 years old. She never smoked at all. Funny how that you think of lung cancer with smoking but it isn't always that way. Please pray for a miracle here. She has two children that are the age of mine. We grew up best friends and so did out children. 
She also has 4 grandchildren 2 of which were just born a month or so ago. Her children nor her husband knows the Lord as their Savior although she has been a Christian for over 20 years. Pray for the family and for her.
Ellen Keaton