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2000 Singing News Award Winners

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Horizon Award (Group) -- Legacy Five

Horizon Award (Individual) -- Joshua Cobb (Legacy Five)

Favorite Young Artist -- Jason Crabb (Crabb Family)

Favorite Pianist -- Roger Bennett (Legacy Five)

Favorite Band -- Gold City

Favorite Musician -- Steve "Rabbit" Easter (Rabbit Easter Band)

Favorite Bass -- Tim Riley (Gold City)

Favorite Baritone -- Mark Trammell (Gold City)

Favorite Lead -- Jonathan Wilburn (Gold City)

Favorite Tenor -- Jay Parrack (Gold City)

Favorite Male Singer -- George Younce

Sunday Dinner Award -- Cracker Barrel

Favorite Video -- Cathedrals Farewell Celebration

Favorite Syndicated Radio Program -- Paul Heil (The Gospel Greats)

Favorite DJ Small Market -- Amy Holland

Favorite DJ Medium Market -- Gary Richardson

Favorite DJ Large Market -- Rodney Baucaum

Marvin Norcross Award -- Ed O'Neil (Dixie Melody Boys)

Favorite Soprano -- Kim Hopper (Hoppers)

Favorite Alto -- Connie Hopper (Hoppers)

Favorite Female Singer -- Kim Hopper (Hoppers)

Favorite Trio -- Greater Vision

Favorite Soloist -- Kirk Talley

Favorite Songwriter -- Rodney Griffin

Favorite Album -- Far Beyond This Place (Greater Vision)

Song Of The Year -- Just One More Soul (Greater Vision)

Favorite Mixed Quartet -- Hoppers

Favorite Male Quartet -- Gold City