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Bishops Join Cathedral Records

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Cathedral Records, a division of Crossroads and Pamplin Music, has
announced the signing of the Bishops as the first artist on the new label. 
Todd Payne of Cathedral Records, states, "The Bishops have long been one of the most popular trio's in Southern Gospel Music. Their ministry and music has touched lives across the country. I'm very excited to have them on our roster." Pamplin Distribution will release their album in August of this year.

Kenneth Bishop, group manager, says, "The opportunity to join with Todd 
Payne and the Pamplin organization is something we did after much thought and prayer. A record company is such a vital part of what we do that you don't make any changes lightly. In light of that, Mark, Kenny and myself feel that this is the right move at the right time. Todd has proven himself in this industry, and our personal and professional relationship with him is very strong. We are honored that he wanted us to be the first group with Cathedral Records." At the same time, change is never easy. "We would like to thank Homeland Entertainment for their contribution to our career and their hard work on our behalf the past four years. They are a major part of success and our history just as the Eddie Crook Company. We have a great amount of gratitude and appreciation for both organizations." Kenny Bishop adds, "It is such an honor to be part of the Cathedral heritage and what it represents. Glen Payne and George Younce have been so influential on our career. They both gave us encouragement, support, and sound advice. We know what the name 'Cathedral' stands for, and the quality and integrity it carries. It is an honor and a responsibility we take seriously."

Mark Bishop also adds, "Pamplin Music also represents quality, integrity, 
and a strong commitment to spread the Gospel. Dr Bob Pamplin has a goal of reaching 25% of the United States with the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the next ten years. He and his organization have put in place the network and resources necessary to reach that goal. We respect initiative and are glad to join forces in that type of outreach. I believe the Bishops will be introduced to new people and new markets through the resources of Pamplin Music."