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George Younce remains in intensive care and has not regained consciousness. However, the family has remarked that there is some movement in George's limbs when he is spoken to. Doctors will not be able to determine exactly what happened this morning during dialysis until test results are returned on Tuesday morning. However, the situation is still extremely critical. The entire Younce and Southern Gospel Music family appreciates and desires your prayers.

(Previous Report - 10/2/00, 11:25am EST)

Singing News has learned that George Younce is on life support at a Cleveland, OH hospital in very guarded condition. As reported earlier, George was undergoing dialysis when he experienced what is thought to be either a massive stroke or massive heart attack.

(Previous Report - 10/2/00, 9:30 am EST)
Word has just been received that legendary bass vocalist George Younce has been hospitalized as a result of serious complications encountered this morning as he was undergoing dialysis in Stow, OH. His condition is listed as serious and the entire Younce family urgently requests your prayers. George, who was named as Favorite Southern Gospel Male Vocalist during last week's Singing News Fan Awards, had just returned from West Virginia where he and his family had gathered after the passing of Clara Younce's (George's beloved wife) mother.