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Jeff Chapman Leaves The Anchormen

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I thought I'd drop a note to clear up some of the questions that were asked about Jeff Chapman leaving The Anchormen. Although it wasn't a secret and several people know about it, we were hoping to make an "online" announcement at the same time we could name the new bass singer. But, the cat's out of the bag, and no harm done. :)

Tony Watson's info is correct. Last week, Jeff accepted an offer from Ron Blackwood to sing with The Blackwood Quartet. They sing several times per week at The Governor's Palace theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He'll be able to sing daily with a quartet and be home with his wife and kids each night. During the off-season, they travel for about three months of the year. Jeff's last date with The Anchormen is Friday, June 30th. We'll be singing this Friday in Jacksonville, NC. We love Jeff dearly and will miss him very much. He's been an integral part of the Anchormen sound for over a decade and his friendship means more than I could say.

The great news is that with any personnel change, is an opportunity to make an advancement in several ways. New ideas, new sound, new examination of our ministry - it's an exciting time! Within hours of Jeff's decision, the phone began ringing and we've received tons of interest from all over the country. We've auditioned several excellent men who all have lots to offer and we have several others scheduled to try out. We hope to make an announcement during the next 7-10 days.

Thanks for all the support - we appreciate your prayers for God's leadership!

Tony Rush
The Anchormen