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George Younce And Jake Hess From New Quartet

Courtesy Of The Singing News 

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Just when you think an ole Quartet man is at the count of three, he'll jump back up, buy a bus and start a new group. This is the case of George Younce and Jake Hess. George and Jake are now recording their first project as The Old Friends Quartet.

Today (7/5/00), I talked with George and Jake and both were ecstatic about the new Quartet.

Jake said, "You know George and I have been friends for all of our adult life, and just to think about standing on stage with George, well, you just think about what a wonderful time it's gonna be."

George added, "I was just thrilled, I never thought I would ever be in another Quartet, but you never know how God is going to lead. We're just about finished with our first recording titled Encore and the record company says we will have it by convention time."

The first public appearance of the Old Friends Quartet will be Sunday, September 24, 2000, at the Celebrity Theater at Dollywood. There will be two concerts, the first at 2:00PM and the second at 7:00PM. This event will be the kick-off for the annual Singing News sponsored Gospel Jubilee at Dollywood. This event will begin September 29th and will continue through October 29th. 

Old Friends Quartet will consist of Ernie Haase, tenor; Jake Hess, Lead; Wesley Pritchard, baritone; and George Younce, bass.