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SGMA Awards Banquet

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The only way I can describe it is "Awesome!" I have to admit this was my first time being at the SGMA awards, and if you've never been there you need to go! Misty and myself are still talking about it today! We met some wonderful people there last night that helped add faces to names and people we've chatted with online. I have to say that in all the people I talked to, the greatest moment for me was having the opportunity to talk to George Younce of the Cathedrals!!! I've listened to these guy's my entire life but have not had the opportunity to talk to them in person. I hope to have a picture of me and George up on the web site soon. A tribute was given to Mr. Payne, Mr. Younce, and all the Cathedrals that brought tears to my eyes. They read from a journal dating back in the late 60's of the Cathedrals, and some of the earnings for the group were in the $60 to the $80 amount for the night, and how, regardless of the cost, they kept on striving for the Lord. They showed pictures from the beginning of their group to the end, and it was ( in my opinion) the best part of the entire night! You know when watching these people perform on stage, singing the gospel, and getting to talk to them in an atmosphere that I feel is a little more relaxing, you get a different personal view of what it's all about! The lives that are touched by the spirit of our Lord that is upon these people is "Awesome!" The souls that come to know the Lord by the songs, testimonies, and just pure old praising the Lord, can never have a price tag put on it, and last night was well worth it! I look back at all the LP's, cassettes, and CD's I have of several different groups and I thank God for each and everyone of them!

There were great performances by all the groups that sang last night! Just a few were Jeff and Sherri Easter, The Freemans, The Hoppers, Gold City, The Kingsmen, and many more! Greater Vision really went home happy last night, with most the awards! They were great on stage as well! I want to say a special congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and as it was said on stage, "You are all winners"!!!

I finally got to meet Terry and Laura Hudson, and the folks from Show Case Media. We had a good chat, and we all sat down with Dale Duhl, from Cal IV and had a very good "Industry Chat" :).

Well I guess I need to finish this long letter, but I would like to say, personally, that I want to thank all, from the song writer to the DJ in the Southern Gospel Music Industry for keeping Southern Gospel Music striving and growing throughout the 21st century! May God Bless each and everyone of you!!

Tim Hyde
Southern Millennial Music Group

And The Winners Are....

Album Of The Year:

Far Beyond This Place/Greater Vision/Daywind Records 


Lari Goss 

Concert Promoter:

 Frank Arnold 


John Campbell/WSEV-AM/Sevierville, TN 

Female Vocalist: 

Debra Talley 

James D. Vaughan Award: 

Cathedral Quartet 

Male Quartet: 


Male Vocalist: 

Gerald Wolfe 

Mixed Quartet: 

The Hoppers 


Anthony Burger 

New Artist: 

Dove Brothers Quartet 


Wayne Haun 

Radio Promoter: 

Rhonda Thompson 

Radio Station: 

WXRI-FM/Winston-Salem, NC 

Recorded Music Package: 

Far Beyond This Place/Greater Vision/Daywind Records 

Solo Artist: 

Kirk Talley 


My Name Is Lazarus/Writer: Rodney Griffin/Recorded By: Greater Vision/Publisher: Songs of Greater Vision/BMI 


Rodney Griffin 

Studio Musician: 

Gary Prim 

Studio Recording Engineer: 

Kevin McManus 


Greater Vision 


Fire On Stage/Greater Vision