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Question #1

What does Southern Gospel Music Mean To You? 

Southern gospel music is the only music that I know that comforts, blesses, encourages me in the Lord. I know the songs are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit when they draw me closer to Christ. And they do, moreso than any other genres out there. I love it! And respect those who God uses to spread His good news through song everywhere. God has truly laid His hand on southern gospel music as His special treasure. 

I grew up on SGM. Went through a period in my life when I wanted NOTHING to do with it. Then started playing piano with a small group from my church. Began to fall in love with it for myself! Learned to love the names and music of Ira Stanphill, Mosie Lister,
Dottie Rambo, and Bill Gaither, just to name a few. More recently, though I still enjoy other styles of Christian music, SGM has played a major role in my life. I have met some of the dearest friends through SGM -- and the Gospel_Music list, in particular!! 

SGM is all I listen too. It brings peace and comfort in troubling times. It lifts me up when I am down. It reminds me that we have a better life after this one. It reminds me how great our God is. It expresses how I feel. It draws me closer to God. It makes me feel like shouting.

Judy Davis 

Southern Gospel Music is the best kind of music. The words are uplifting. The music is terrific! When I am down, it lifts me up. When I am on the mountain top, it helps me celebrate! I have to believe that SGM is God's music! I feel mighty close to Heaven when I am listening to SGM!

John Mills

Southern Gospel.... when I am sad, it can make me glad. When I am down it can raise me up to see God's face. It is God's message of salvation in a form than reaches down and grabs my heart. It is GLORIOUS.
Mike Phillips

Gospel Music is my life. It encourages me & lifts me when I 'm down. It convicts me of my sins. It has given me friends I would never have known without it. It has drawn me closer to the Lord. 
Elaine Harcourt

There's NOTHING in this world like SGM! It makes your heart rejoice, lifts your spirit and fills your soul!!!  Thank You to all my List and Chat Room Family.  I Love You All!!!! 
God Bless!
Connie Lynne Lovestrand

Southern Gospel Music reminds me how real the Lord is. It reminds me of the promise the Lord has made, has kept, & will keep. It keeps my mind focused on HIM!!!

I love all Christian music, but I prefer & listen to Southern Gospel. I love the fact that Southern Gospel is truly people who love the Lord & want to share His word & bring attention to the LORD & not themselves. Southern Gospel is truly a ministry more minded organization, which differs from other Christian music which more "entertains" than ministers. Now I'm not saying that's all bad, because people are getting saved in those genre's also. 

Since I've gotten involved with Southern Gospel concerts (THANK YOU KAREN KANOUN!) I've made so many friends from all over.

Thank You groups, soloist, and DJ's for your faithfulness. Thank you for giving this gal from Pennsylvania blessings beyond belief. May God bless you all ten fold!

Kim Bowman, SGM fan
Harrisburg, PA 

Southern Gospel Music is Beautiful 

"The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched. 
They must be felt with the heart."
Helen Keller

This quote, by Helen Keller, is my favorite quote. 
Southern gospel music is beautiful because it is felt with the heart.