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Dale Golden

September 8, 2000

I wanted to share with each of you something about my recent illness that I
did not know about until yesterday. I believe that it speaks volumes about
the power of prayer. It also tells me that God is still in the healing business.

My initial surgery was to remove a pancreatic tumor. When this specimen was removed it was sent to a pathology lab to determine if it was cancerous.
The initial report was that adenocarcinoma (cancer) WAS present. The lab
then sent the specimen off to another lab for a second opinion. Remember
that all during this time that prayers were going up for me in literally
hundreds of churches and by literally thousands of prayer warriors. When
the second lab examined the specimen, THEY COULD NOT FIND ANY TRACE OF
CANCER! My Doctor tells me today that there is no cancer in my body!!
Praise God!!!

You may or may not believe in miracles or the power of prayer, but I am
living proof that God hears the prayers of his children. Hallelujah! I
thank each and every one of you who have prayed for me and my family.

Dale Golden

August 30, 2000

I just wanted everyone to know that Cheryl and I sang for the first time
since June tonight at a local camp meeting. It was so good to get back to
work for the Lord!
I have been feeling much stronger as of late, and my world-class appetite
has returned! (help me Lord!) Tomorrow, Wednesday August 30 is a very big
day as I return to the hospital for a dye test that will show us if I am
healing or not. Keep me in your prayers as we are hoping that things have
cleared up and healed. I have had my share of surgeries this year and I am
resisting any more for awhile! LOL!
As I have said before, your faith and prayer has helped sustain me (and us)
throughout this trial. We are expecting a mighty move of God in our lives
as we use this past year as a testimony of his healing power, his
restoration, love and understanding. We serve a wondrous, mighty God!
Thanks and God bless!

Dale & Cheryl Golden
The Goldens Gospel Music Ministries
Tyler, TX  

August 21, 2000

Well just when we thought I was "in the clear" health-wise, I had to be
admitted to the hospital again last Friday, August 18. This was due to
renewed fever. I have since had another drain placed in the area of my
famous pancreas and a new central line to receive another two week round of antibiotics. I was released from the hospital this afternoon and I am doing
very well. I will go in for more tests the week after the antibiotic
therapy to check for any more infection. Please keep us on your prayer
lists as we really, really, really, reeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyy need to get a
clean bill of health. Any continuance of my condition after September 5th
might possibly mean another lengthy hospital stay and/or more surgery. I am
believing and receiving God's healing power that this ordeal will be over in
two weeks. Everyone keep believing and receiving with us and to God be the

August 19, 2000

Just wanted to let you know that dale is back on the hospital and needs prayer...he started running fever again and had a c-scan done today and they found another abcess,...they went in and drained it this after noon...he is doing good and said that it wasn't as painful as before...thank goodness. Cheryl is really worn out and needs prayer too...God WILL RECEIVE THE VICTORY THE DEVIL JUST WON'T WIN.....Praise God...I will let you know more soon....

August 2, 2000

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of those who have prayed
for me and our family and/or sent words of encouragement & hope over these past four weeks of my hospitalization. Words of concern always make things easier. I returned home yesterday. While I am still on IV antibiotics for
the next two weeks, my condition is slowly getting better. The Lord is good
and I refuse to yield to the deceiver. Please remember our family& ministry
in your prayers.

Dale Golden
The Goldens Gospel Music Ministries
Tyler, TX  

July 30, 2000

Well, I just got home from Dale and Cheryl's house where we threw he a suprise 40th birthday party...Yes , she s officially at the Top of the Hill...not over it yet but getting there...LOL sorry cheryl... We thought Dale was going to get to come home and stay but at 4 15 this afternoon the Dr.s told him no...His blood levels went crazy...hemoglobin levels were down really low and his white blood cells shot way up....However, the Dr. did give him a couple hrs pass to come home long enough for Cheryls party...Cheryl had NO idea this was gonna happen b/c while she was with her mom and sister, Dale was being brought home by his dad...When cheryl came home to "check" on the kids and me...ok we had to tell a story..her daughter told her I was gonna be there watching a movie with them..We hid everyones cars and boy you should've seen the look on her face when we all jumped out and yelled "SUPRISE!!" Dale of-course is hidden still in his recliner with a blanket over him and half of his face peeking out of the covers....It was a site....Cheryl had to have help blowing out the candles... you know getting to be that age your breath just aint as good...sorry again Cheryl..ha! You know I luv ya...The night was a success and Dale was relieved to be able to come home only if for a few hrs...Please continue to pray...Dr. Bills are mounting and we are having to cancel left and right for the ministry...Any encouragement you can send would be greatly appreciated...You can send any email to my address..They are having some problems with their computer and getting their emails... my email is I will get them to him promptly....
From the bottom of my heart and theirs too, a great big thank you and God bless you all for praying...

July 27, 2000

Ok guys here's the latest on Dale..Please pray really hard...He needs a

 We have had a rough day today. Dale has been really depressed and I am really concerned about him. He is so ready to get well! It seems that they have found another abscess inside the pancreas. The one that has given him so much problem is on the outside of it. He has been having really bad episodes of sweating. He is chilled, but his body is sweating. He is short of breath and is very stressed. His fever is still running around l00 or l0l. They are going to try to treat this other abscess with the same medication. If not, they will have to drain it, also. I am not sure, at this point, that his body can take much more. His blood level is still very low and they are trying to get that up with medication. They think that a transfusion may cause him to have a reaction that they would not know the source. We are trusting and depending on the Lord for a miracle touch! Dale also needs an emotional breakthrough and alot of encouraging. Please pray for this. He is not giving up, but he is wearing down fast. Feel free to pass this info along to the list if you feel led. Thanks for the support and all of the prayers.
Cheryl Golden

July 26, 2000

I come to you again with some dissappointing news...Seems we have jumped the gun abit here..Dale, did come home last nite, but is now back in the hospital...His fever went back up and really never should've come home from there to begin with I am thinking......They (Dale and Cheryl) are very discouraged and really need a major breakthrough.....Pray that God will enlighten the Dr.s with the wisdom to know what to do, and how to treat him so that we can get him home to his family, where they need him...

July 26, 2000

Just to let everyone Know...Dale has now gone home from the hospital...Praise God!! His fever is down and he is still Really weak...Keep him in your prayers still...The next update will most likely be from the Man himself, Mr Golden...thanks....