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The Southern Gospel Music Forum

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Welcome to Southern Gospel Music Forum!
My name is John Mills and I am the music director at KSGL in Wichita, Kansas. I have been a big fan of gospel music all of my life. My desire today is to serve the Lord. I love to help out gospel artists. I also like to provide a forum where artists and fans alike can communicate and learn from one another. In June of 1999 my nephew Shawn started a southern gospel music conversation list called Gospel_Music. A few hours later he signed me up and made me co-moderator. I had no idea what I was getting in to! In about 9 months time we had over 300 people on our list! The list today has over 400 members and continues to grow almost daily. Since that list was started, I have started 10 more lists! Learn more about these other lists by clicking here! While we may not have the "largest" SGM conversation lists on the internet, I feel we have the "best" ones! As moderator, I better feel that way! Being the biggest or the best is not my desire. All Shawn and I want to do is to life up the name of our Lord through Gospel Music.

I also want to thank Scott Evans who designs and maintains
Pennsylvania's Southern Gospel Website. He has been a great friend. He has designed this web site and has done a marvelous job.  Along with information on our Discussion Lists and Official Chat Room, you will find a lot of other useful information on this website!  There are links to many of the people that are a part of our lists.  There is also current information on artist singles and information from some of the largest song promoters in SGM!  You will also find Southern Gospel Music News from our lists as well as Prayer Requests and Praise Reports from our list members!

When you join any of the lists that Shawn and I own and moderate, you will be joining great company! We have reps from most of the major record companies, as well as the top song promoters in the country! We also have many radio people on the lists. We are so pleased to have many of today's favorite gospel singers on the lists! The main factor of the lists, is that we have MANY FANS! Where would gospel music be without it's fans?

The main goal of our lists and the website is to uplift Jesus Christ. Without Christ, there would be no "Gospel Music". Thank you for visiting our website. Come back and visit often as we will be making frequent updates to the website. Also, join some of our exciting e-mail lists and enjoy wonderful discussions.
God Bless You!