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Concert Reports

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Gaither Homecoming in Wichita, KS

Submitted By: 

October 5, 2000

It was a fabulous night. Ben Speer sang "In The Midst" & I never heard him sing better. The Talley Trio sang & my goodness, Lauren is getting so grown up. They said she was 17 & she looked 20 & sang like she was 25! Of course, they did "Searchin". The Hoppers were there minus Kim. Lauren filled in for her & did a great job. Kim was with her father who was scheduled for open heart surgery today. I had read about his heart attack several days ago on the internet & never connected the two! Duh! There must be some blonde roots under my brown hair somewhere! Jessy Dixon was there & he sure got the house to rocking. The Happy Goodmans were there in full force & in full voice. Last year Vestal was sick & could hardly sing. However, this year there was nothing wrong with her voice. They sang "Soon & Very Soon", their new song (can't remember title). Vestal sang "Holy Hills" by herself. Howard & Vestal sang the song written just for them for their 50th anniversary. It was great. During the choir segment, Howard reminisced about doing a revival back in the 50s at a church in Wichita & then he sang "I Don't Regret A Mile" (not sure of the title). Janet Paschal was there & looked beautiful in a long black dress. She wears black so well. Ivan Parker (my favorite) sang "When I Get Carried Away" & "Midnight Cry". During the choir segment he sang "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus". Lord, that man can evermore sing. Anthony Burger did 2 solos & they were fantastic. (I am sorry I don't remember titles of individual songs.) The Gaither Vocal Band sang "Lovin' God & Lovin' Each Other", "Let Freedom Ring", among others. Mark sang a beautiful song by himself as well as his usual nonsense. Then Jake Hess came on. You could see in his face all he's been through lately with the death of his beloved wife & the illness of George. I learned later that yesterday would have been their 48th anniversary. He was having a very rough day & but you couldn't tell it by his singing.! However, he was not at his table & usually he is. Oh, I almost forgot, Jeff & Sheri Easter were there, too. They sang "Praise The Lord" & Jeff teased Bill about being able to sing bluegrass because of Bill's nose. It was a riot. Charlotte Richie sang "Go Rest High" in the choir segment It was wonderful. At one point, Connie Hopper got up & went to set next to Jake who was crying. That was so sweet. The concert last 4 hours + but it was wonderful. Got to meet Mark Lowry for the first time & he was very sweet. John was all over the place ---- WALKING ---- it was great to see him looking & feeling so good. All in all it was an absolutely wonderful evening. Those of you who missed it really missed an anointed time. Bill said both Danny Gaither & Hovie Lister were in remission with their cancers. He also mentioned Jake's loss. What a night! Of course, I had a short night & it's hard to be all alert, etc. this morning at work but it was worth it. Praise the Lord for wonderful gospel music. 


The Countrymen in Kings Mountain, NC

Submitted By: 

September 30, 2000

We had a great time in Kings Mountain, NC this past Sunday morning with Pastor Steven Akers. The church people were fantastic and greatly receptive to three little fellas from Nashville. We sang and ministered in the way the Countrymen know best to do and that is straight from the heart to the hearts of those in the audience. It was a real blessing to see those with hands raised, and the tears were flowing as we sang songs like Beulah Land, and Amazing Grace. Awesome time. One family that had just the day before buried their daughter was especially touching as we were able to pray with them and minister to them individually. THE FOOD... YUMMY!!!! 

Then last night, in Lexington, NC.. another great time with Pastor Matt as we sang in his beautiful country church. Matt shared with us during the intermission a video of Uncle Snuffy.. and it was very moving to see and hear him there in the church singing. Dr John Frederick was with us and he sang a few songs.. great testimony he has. After the service Matt treated all of us to some great NC bar b que and it was great to sit down and share a meal with him.

THE BEAR! Leaving out on the way home the ole van we were in.. decided to burn up an alternator.. GREAT!.... And it was at a spot secluded.. dark.. spooky.. and with eyes in the woods.. looking right at us!... I showed the eyes to Dr John... and never saw an old man move so fast in my life. Bad thing was, he locked the doors! Left me outside. I never prayed so hard in my life, and was never so glad to see the flashing blue lights of the State Trooper! We had the van towed, and waited for 6 hours for the places to open to get the needed part.. got back to Nashville about 2:30 this afternoon. 

We look forward to being back with these two churches in the months to come and by the way.. if you would like to have the group at your church.. just ask...

God Bless ya...
Dempsey Howard


The Hayes Family in Gordo, AL

Submitted By: 

September 30, 2000

I had the honor of hearing the Hayes Family from Boone, NC. last Saturday night in Gordo, Alabama.

The Hayes Family is made up of Howard, Lucy, Mylon, Sharon, and Janet Hayes. You have probably seen them on the Gaither videos, they have been featured on several of them. They are known for their old style of convention style gospel harmony. They did a number of old-time convention songs, and of course their latest chart single "Isn't The Love Of Jesus Something Wonderful". Sharon and Janet, both accomplished musicians on the piano, played several of the old convention style songs as a duet. It was was awesome! Mylon and Sharon were part of the vocal group who sang on my
tribute project to the Masters Family. It was the first time I have seen them live in concert. I was truly blessed by their sincere attitude of ministering to the packed house that was there on Saturday night. I really enjoyed Howard and his sense of humor as he told of a recent senior moment he had by showing up at church one Sunday morning with his suit and tie wearing a pair of bedroom slippers. You should have heard the crowd reaction when he told the whole story. Everyone was in stitches as he explained the story! This is a wonderful family ministry, if they are in your area please go and spend some time with them, you will be blessed. I
love these guys I am sure will too!

In His Service,
Johnnie Masters


The Kingsmen in Branson, MO

Submitted By: 

September 11, 2000

Just returned from a great weekend in Branson, MO at Revival Fires. What a wonderful blessing that was. We had speakers & The Mighty Kingsmen. It was wonderful. They sang Saturday night & Sunday morning & were outstanding. 

They sang "Getcha To The Other Side", "Look For Me At Jesus' Feet", "Come To The Water", "What I Found At The Altar", "Without Jesus", plus others. The concerts were very short as so much else was going on but they sure woke up the crowd & lit a fire! Praise the Lord!

Elaine Harcourt


Singing In The Foothills

Submitted By:  

September 3, 2000

It has been close to heaven! Thursday night's crowd was off a bit for the Palmetto State and Roy Knight Singers but each group did a great job. Friday night the enclosed area was completely filled with folks sitting outside in lawn chairs for the Kingsmen and McKameys. Tonight was full but not completely packed and we had another concert and 2 college football games within 30 miles! The Regents and Gold City were awesome.

I love so much of the new material I heard the past 3 nights and of course, you know Gold City is one of my favorite groups. The Melodyaires, the host group, have done a great job building this concert over the years from 1 night in the middle of a pasture to 3 nights in great facility. There was a special tribute last night and tonight to Charlie Baker the found of the group. His name may not be a familiar as Glen Payne, Rex Nelon, Brock Speer and others but Charlie was not only a group owner but a promoter, a friend to many singers and musicians and one of the finest men I ever knew. For years the money for this concert came out of his pocket. He kept it going until it could keep itself going. This was the first Homecoming without 'Papa' Charlie but his love for gospel music and the artists and fans lives on in his family and in the Singing In The Foothills a legacy he left behind.



Laymen, Tony Gore and Majesty and Gold City

Submitted By: 

September 2, 2000

Friday Sept 1 was a great night of gospel music in eastern NC the groups were Movin Up, The Laymen, Tony Gore and Majesty and Gold City. Movin Up opened the program with some very good singing and then we The Laymen followed them and then Gold City came and did there usual outstanding great job and they ended with Get Up, Get Ready and the crowd loved it but it did not end there they encored it and that was when Mark called us out I guess because our lead singer Curtis Hyler wrote Get Up, Get Ready and the crowd just loved it with both groups working together it was just awesome and then Tony Gore came and did a great job also. This will be a concert that eastern NC will not soon forget.


Southern Song 2000

Submitted By: 

August 27, 2000

We just got in from Carowinds and all I can say is WOW!!! It was awesome. It was great to meet list members Tony and Jessica Rush and Zane and Jessica King. I never caught up with Laura Hudson but we'll take care of that at Legacy Five or NQC.

Every group in both the 'lesser knows' and the 'name' groups did a wonderful job. As to the 'age old question' of this music appealing to youth. We took about 30 young people, so had be around SGM and some had not. My daughter took 2 friends (12 & 13) who had never been to a SGM concert before. They are now planning to go to Table Rock this weekend to hear Kingsmen, McKameys and Gold City. They didn't care as much for the McKameys sound as some of the other but said 'if they Kingsmen are as good as Alicia says, we want to hear them and we don't want to miss Gold City either.' 

I think that I will be having a 'car full' more often for concerts. I love it! SGM will appeal to youth if we just get them exposed to it. These kids were running around after the concert having all the singers sign their t-shirts. I'm exhausted but it was a great day!



Legacy Five and The Martins

Submitted By: 

August 26, 2000

What a blessing I received tonight!!!

First of all, Legacy 5 took the stage. Roger Bennett looks terrific! He just finished his last round of chemo on Wednesday, and has been given a clean bill of health!!! The Dr. told Roger that his blood was as clean as his! GOD IS GOOD!!!!! The guys were in rare form tonight joking around, the harmony was wonderful, and Roger's piano playing was the best I've ever heard him!! When I first saw this group, I was a little skeptical. They didn't seem to know too much about what they were doing, but with Scott and Roger's leadership, this group is well on it's way to becoming one of the best around!!! The Tenor is very powerful and high! The bass is very LOW!! :-) And, the baritone carries the group as a baritone should!!! If you have a chance to see them, GO! You will not be disappointed!!!!!

Now, The Martins. Joyce and Jonathan came out on stage and started singing a duet. They are very good by themselves, but I was wondering where Judy was. I had a feeling of what was going on, and after 2 songs of just Joyce and Jonathan, it was confirmed. Judy is expecting another child!!! She was having some problems today, and went to a Dr in Ocala, and he told her to stay off her feet. So, they wired her up in the bus and her voice came through a speaker in the church!!! (It's amazing what you can do these days!!!) Judy sang from her bed on the bus, and Joyce and Jonathan were on stage. These 3 young people are truly amazing!!! You can't beat family harmony!!! I've seen The Martins several times, and every time I do, I come away more blessed than the time before!!! Please keep Judy in your prayers? She had a good progress report from the Dr at intermission. She has to have a sonogram done tomorrow to make sure everything's alright, before going to GA to meet with her husband. 

Keep all of The Martins in your prayers, as well as Legacy 5!!! And don't miss the opportunity to see either of them!!!

God bless you all!
Connie Lynne


Gold City in Selina, KS

Submitted By: 

August 23, 2000

Last Sunday I attended a wonderful concert at First Baptist Church in Salina, KS featuring one of my very favorite groups & great friends, Gold City. They were the only ones on the program & sang for nearly 2 hours with no break! 

They opened with IT'S GONNA BE A GREAT DAY & it sure was. Mark Trammell, the baritone, wasn't with them because he was recovering from hernia surgery. Danny Riley, soundman & sometimes singer, more than adequately filled in for him. 

Jonathan Wilburn, lead, was really on a roll. They sang HIGHER THAN THE MOON & that boy showed off his 'dancing' (?) skills! It was a riot. He also made fun of Jay Parrack's legs by saying a child had said he was riding a chicken when he saw him in shorts! Jay was not pleased. 

They sang everything from MIDNIGHT CRY (which Jonathan did an excellent job on) to their current single HIDE ME BEHIND THE CROSS. 

I don't remember all the songs they did but these are the ones I do remember: HE SAID, IN TIME ON TIME EVERY TIME, AFTER a while, WHEN I GET CARRIED AWAY, WHEN THE HOLY GHOST SHOWS UP, WHEN HE CALLS I'LL FLY AWAY. Danny Riley sang his song, IT'S STILL THE CROSS & never sang any better than he did that afternoon. 

They also sang several brand new songs from their new CD, ARE YOU READY including the title cut, MORE LIKE JESUS, & their new single, GET UP, GET READY. 

What a blessed wonderful afternoon we had & what a great blessing was received. 

Elaine Harcourt


Music City Gospel

Submitted By:  (Danny Starrick)

August 21, 2000

we too were at the Murfreesboro concert, what a great line up of talent(performers of Music City Gospel Showcase TV show)! We had our mini disk also (not our player) and just minutes before the concert during the sound checks the church's player ate someone"s mini disk and wouldn't give it back! We scurried to find our tracks on tape to replace our mini disk with. You folks (Southern Praise Vocal Band) were awesome with your a cappella. The harmony blend was so pleasing! Another list member, Jennifer Jordan (Round 1 Records) did an outstanding job on The Lords Prayer, what a soprano that girl is! The singing was a benefit for David Frost, son of Carl one of the Frost Brother's Quartet. David was in a serious car accident in April of this year, every bone in his face was broken, his legs were broken and he had serious brain injuries. At that time, you on this list prayed for him. Friday night at intermission David "ran" up on stage, talked to the crowd and thanked them for all their prayers. After the concert, David and his contemporary band played and sang- what a testimony to God's healing power! Following the concert David's dad was talking with my mother about my eighteen year old nephew who was in a similar accident last spring, (serious brain injuries). David's mother said that on Sunday (8/20) they would have a stand in to be anointed for my nephew and pray over him. Sunday afternoon (8/20) for the first time since the accident, my nephew got out of his wheel chair at my parents home and (with a little help) walked across the drive and into their house! Praise The Lord! Please keep praying for Ryan (my nephew) he has been brought so far by the Lord and still has a lot of healing to be done- but God is able!


Dixie Melody Boys

Submitted By:  (Berry Lindsey)

August 18, 2000

The concert was spirit filled and I believe that everyone receive a blessing. The "young" 18 year old lead singer has an outstanding voice and seems to have put a little "getty up go" into the group. Most of the first half of the program was from their latest release "Heading Home" mixed with some of the old standards. The closing song, which I had requested that they do as a closer was "Oh What a Savior" and it brought the folks to their feet and then an alter call. It was such a boost to my weary soul and just reconfirms how much I need southern gospel music to supplement my prayer and bible study. If you have an opportunity to see the Dixie Melody Boys, don't pass up the opportunity. Oh what a Savior......Berry


Double Portion, Wesley Singers and The Bishops

Submitted By: 

August 16, 2000

Well I just returned from a week in Hamilton, Ohio and I thought I was glad to be back in Kansas until I stepped outside today in the wind and 100 degree weather, yuck!! It was in the 80's in Ohio!! Last Friday I attended the first annual concert of Double Portion, with guests the Wesley Singers, and the Bishops. What a great evening. First of all the weather and the setting was just beautiful. It was held at an outdoor park surrounded by lush green trees and when the sun went down it was almost chilly! It was great to get to put faces with some folks from the list. I got to meet Debbie Wesley and Lisa from Double Portion. Both groups sounded great. And this was the first time for me to see the Bishops and I enjoyed them a great deal. While in Hamilton I also got to do a live radio interview on a local station and then Sunday evening got to sing at Princeton Pike Church of God. What an exciting church to sing at, with an attendance of nearly 2000, it is the largest congregation I have got the sing to, so far. At least this weekend I don't have to travel very far to hear more good SG, Gold City will be here in Salina this Sunday afternoon.!!!!

Glad to be home,



Kentucky Gospel Music Fest

Submitted By: (Troy and Barbara Cupp)

August 14, 2000

After a very big weekend at Kentucky Gospel Music Fest, we have an excellent report on this event. The Fest started at 12 PM with prayer, then came the anointed singing, and at 2 PM the Talent Contest 4-Kids began, all ten of the children were great, you could hear the crowd cheer as these children sang. The prizes for this event was originally set at $100.00 - for 1ST Place, $25.00 for 2ND Place, and The Cupps CD for 3RD Place, but the event went so well, we decided to double these prizes, so twelve-year-old, Jenny Lynn Clark from Brodhead KY, took home $200.00 for 1ST Place, nine-year-old Paige Bryant from Williamsburg KY, took home $50.00 for 2ND Place, it was a tie on third place, so we awarded both eight-year-old, Ashley Duncan from Irvine KY, and three-year-old Tyler Vannorstran from Corbin KY with $25.00 each, the rest of the children who participated in the contest was given a gift certificate from McDonald's restaurant. 

It was back to the singing with the Cupps, then at 6:00 PM came the awards ceremony, Kentucky Colonel Awards were presented to W.W.II Veteran, Captain John Napier of Jellico TN, Fred Ahlborn of Newark AR, and John Mills of Wichita KS. Although Fred and John could not be there because of distance, we still awarded them as the audience applauded and cheered them on. 

We then went back to the singing, and each group did such a great job, then about 8:00 PM, we had a drawing for a new Washburn Guitar with case, James Cadell of Williamsburg KY became the proud owner of this guitar. 

The Singing Bryants had the crowd going with their new sound, and when the Vannorstran Family sang, I was feeling the Lord all over me, those people know how to get with it. The Duncans brought the crowd alive with their anointed singing, and the group called Straightway was the frosting on the cake, they brought the house down.

The singing went on up to about 9:30, and all the groups came onto the stage and sang Amazing Grace. As we all sang, the Spirit got to moving, and people were shouting all over. IT WAS A BLAST! Although it all ended about 9:30 PM, yet some people stayed till after 3:00 AM in the morning.

One guy had such a good time, he wanted to donate a hog for a pig roast next year. And the Chrysler dealership wants to donate a car to giveaway, and Gibson's Music wants to giveaway another guitar. 


Chosen Few / Martins

Submitted By:  (Connie Floray)

August 7, 2000

I can't believe I haven't talked about this yet...but I was privileged to attend a fantastic concert on Sunday evening!! After having had my socks blessed off last week -- as always -- by Chosen Few, I figured my concerts were over for the next 2-3 weeks. But when I opened up Saturday's paper I discovered that The Martins were in town at a local church!! I was excited as they are one of my favorites!! 

Well, it was a great evening!! They blessed as always. I found it so interesting that so many of the songs they did, and so much of what they shared seemed to really hit me right where I was Sunday night -- which was not a real comfortable place emotionally. But the Lord used their music to really minister to only regret was that the concert was not long enough. But then, they seldom are!!!

Connie Jean



Submitted By: (James Lenderman)

August 7, 2000

I just got home from a concert in Coalfield TN where Heirline sang. I don't know when I have had a better time in the Lord. The Church was Having the "Fabulous Mondays of August" and I mean it was a "Fabulous Monday", I felt the Holy Spirit in the Building. I had not seen Heirline in several years "Live and in person" so to speak but my week has really been set on fire with tonight's concert. If you haven't seen them and you Love to be reminded what a Great God we serve I recommend you see Heirline at your first opportunity.



Higher Faith

Submitted By:   (Laura Hudson)

July 29, 2000

I just wanted to give all of you a VERY special report. Higher Faith performed at an event called Faith 2000 in Rock Hill, SC on Friday Night (7-21-00). At the end of the service - 44 people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!!!

Now, 44 more folks are "More Than Ready To Go." As you pray this week - take a little time to say a prayer for these folks as them embard on their new journey and to thank God for their decision.

Praising God Today,
Laura Hudson
Showcase Media


Heaven Bound

Submitted By:    (Gary C.)

July 29, 2000

Saturday night I went to the Country Village Restaurant in Tickfaw, LA. This is a restaurant that serves an all-you-can-eat buffet and features Gospel Music from 7:00 PM to about 10:00 PM every Friday and Saturday night. The house band plays a set from 7:00 to about 7:30 or 8:00 then the guest group for the night does a set. They usually close with the house band coming back for a few numbers. The house band has a distinctive country sound and is very good. Their harmonica player, Terry Bankston, is outstanding for an ole country boy.
Saturday night's guest was Heaven Bound. These guys are fantastic. Ken Eubanks has really put together a great group. Derrick Boyd sings the tenor, Bill Shivers sings lead, Craig Singletary sings baritone and just three weeks ago, they added a bass singer, but I don't remember his name. I do remember that he's an ex-marine and that he has a great bass voice. They just about brought down the house with Bill Shivers rendition of "Peace In The Valley". Derrick Boyd's range on "Looking For A City" is phenomenal and Bill Shivers did another great job on his rendition of "Oh What A Savior". Derrick said during the evening that it has been truly amazing what God has done in the personal lives of each group member and in the group as a whole during the last year. It seems like this group is headed back to the top of the heap.

Gary C. 


The Anchormen

Submitted By:   (Gene House)

June 24, 2000

Hello everyone!.....We just had the Anchormen in concert and let me tell you....These guys are great!!!...We got to watch them audition two new bass singers!...The second guy could really sing!!...The first guy could sing too, but the second one had more bass range...It will be sad to see Jeff Chapman go, but from talking to him and the rest of the group, it was a tough decision...He will be joining the Blackwood Quartet out of the Pigeon Forge TN area...If you have not heard the Anchormen live before, they are a MUST see!...Real down to earth guys who love the Lord and it shows!...Tony Rush can really "Tickle " those ivorys!...LOL!...Another local group, The Heritage Quartet was also on the program and really sang their heart out!...We wish Jeff the best of luck in his new ventures, and the rest of the Anchormen as well!...It was great!!

Gene House     


Gary Miller Memorial Sing, Landisville CampGrounds, Landisville, PA

Featuring: Anchormen, McKeithen and Company, New Hinsons, Pfeifers, Double Portion, Florida Melody Boys, Tony Gore and Majesty, Wilburns, Karen Peck and New River, Poet Voices and Brian Free 

Submitted By: (Scott Evans)

May 26-28, 2000

Memorial Day Weekend means one thing in the Lancaster, PA area!  It means that it's time to head over to the Landisville CampGrounds for the Memorial Day Weekend Sing.  This year the concert took on a new name in honor of the man who founded this event 17 years ago, Gary Miller.  Gary was a well respected Concert Promoter that was tragically murdered last year.  He was greatly missed but he would have been thrilled with the great concerts and tremendous turn out!

Friday featured the Spark A Flame Tour with The Anchormen and McKeithen and Company.  Saturday featured Double Portion (from Canada), New Hinsons, Florida Melody Boys, Tony Gore and Majesty and The Pfeifers.  Sunday featured New Hinsons (again), Wilburns, Brian Free, Karen Peck and New River and Poet Voices!  I do not have the space on this website to list a detailed report but if you would like a more detailed report please visit my website at and click on "concert reports" and then click on "Gary Miller Memorial Sing."  That will tell you everything that you want to know and more!

I was fortunate enough to meet a list member for the very first time!  I met Kim Bowman and we had a couple of very nice chats.  It is kind of nice to be able to put a face with a name!  I also had a chance to visit with Paul Heil of The Gospel Greats, also a member of the list!  

It was a great weekend and I hope that you will take the time to read the account of the concert on my website!  If you are ever in the Lancaster, PA area on Memorial Day Weekend - you will want to be in Landisville, PA with the rest of us Southern Gospel Music Fans!


Karen Peck and New River

Submitted By: (Brenda and Isaac Morrow)

May 19, 2000

On Friday, May 19, my husband and I went to a concert to see Karen Peck and New River (KPNR). We have seen this group in concert several times but this time was a little different because it was our first time to see John Rowsey singing with them. John sang with a group that included his wife, before joining KPNR. We have had the privilege of seeing that group on GMT (Gospel Music Television). They had a nice sound and we could tell that John was talented. He blends very well with Karen and Susan. He is also a songwriter. KPNR sang some of the songs that John wrote. He wrote the song "Singing with the Saints" that a lot of you have heard on the Gaither video. This is a terrific song. By getting to the concert early, we were fortunate enough to hear some other songs that John wrote. When we got there, John, Karen, and Susan were gathered around the piano (John playing). They were singing a Christmas song that John had penned. It was beautiful. (Christmas in May!). We had the opportunity to meet John personally and talked with him a few minutes. He is a very nice man and I am sure that Karen and Susan feel he is working out great with their group. As always, we enjoyed the KPNR concert very much. Karen always has the audience participate in things like singing along. She usually gets people to laugh. The KPNR band is awesome. KPNR sang some of the older, wonderful songs such as "God Likes to Work", "Bend in the River of Life", "Ten Thousand Angels", and "God Still Answers Prayer". We heard this group sing "Daddy's Home" which was written by Karen Peck, in memory of her Father. They also sang some of the newer songs such as the song about the "UFO". I've seen this group sing to a handful of people (hindered by very bad weather) and at other times to thousands of people. They are just the same in either crowd. If you get a chance, you should go to a Karen Peck and New River concert. Needless to say, we had a great time at this concert!


Legacy Five, Greater Vision and Kirk Talley

Lancaster, PA

Submitted By: (Scott Evans)

May 20, 2000

Tonight in Lancaster, PA Legacy Five made their debut appearance in the state of Pennsylvania.  While the anticipation was great to hear Legacy Five we had the privilege of hearing two other very talented artists first.  You can be pretty certain that you are in for a good night if Greater Vision is your first group out!  Greater Vision came on stage with a couple of their old favorites, "We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials" and "He'd Still Been God."  They followed that up with their current single, "I Believe." After singing "God's Grace Is Sufficient For Me" Gerald told us of Jason Waldroup's audition for tenor and proceeded to have him sing "Victory In Jesus" a capella.  It didn't take long to see why they hired him!  Greater Vision then sang an old song written in 1941 titled "I've Never Been Sorry" and followed that one with a brand new one just written by Rodney titled "Don't Ever Give Up, Just Pray."  What a powerful message in that song!  They ended the first part of their concert with their huge song "My Name Is Lazarus."

Next on stage was Kirk Talley.  Kirk was his usual incredible self and started his part of the concert off with "Look Up High."  He went from that to "I Start My Day" and then slowed it down with the great song, "Holy Spirit Fall On This Place."  Kirk sang the title release off from his latest project after that titled "Tomorrow."  Kirk got to some serious whistling after that on "Just A Closer Walk."  Actually it wasn't too serious since we laughed through most of the first half of it (laughter left over from the "zipper story").  Kirk proceeded to sing my favorite Kirk Talley song, "If He Hung The Moon" and followed that up with a brand new song titled "Rain On Your Desert."  This song is destined to be a great one.  Following Kirk's "country" song, "Directions To Heaven" he treated us to his classic song "Serenaded By Angels."  He ended his first part of the concert with a stirring rendition of "Amen" which brought the people to their feet!

Finally it was time for Legacy Five.  Few times (in fact never) have I seen a group get a standing ovation before they ever even sung a note in Pennsylvania but it happened when Legacy Five came on stage!  They started off with "A Vessel Of Mercy" and "Salvation Is The Miracle To Me."  Roger then quickly told us of the status of his condition.  He goes back Monday for a bone marrow test.  Please pray for Roger that the Doctors might find that the cancer is gone!  The group then sang three very good songs, "Strong In The Strength", "Steppin' Out On The Water" and "Travelin' Shoes" before singing their current and debut single, "I Stand Redeemed."  They finished the first half of the concert with "Ever Since He Came", "You'd Better Run" and "I Believe."

The second half of the concert featured a special treat for the crowd of about 1000 at Lancaster Mennonite High School!  Greater Vision, Kirk Talley and Legacy Five all on stage together! They started it off with Roger Bennett singing his great song "I've Read The Back Of The Book."  That was followed by Greater Vision singing their former number one song, "Just One More Soul."  Kirk Talley followed that up with a favorite from his Cathedrals days, "I Know A Man Who Can."  The guys sang "Boundless Love"  next and, to the delight of everyone there, Joshua Cobb sang three encores to it!  Greater Vision sang a beautiful new song written by Rodney titled "Jesus Use Us."  This is just an awesome, incredible song!  Roger and Legacy Five sang their tribute to Glen Payne with a song that Roger wrote called "Hero Of The Faith."  With four former Cathedrals (Kirk Talley, Gerald Wolfe, Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler) on stage it was a very emotional moment culminated by a prayer from Gerald thanking God for Glen Payne and George Younce!  Scott Fowler led the audience in "What A Day That Will Be" before they finished up with "Champion Of Love" with Gerald singing the first verse and Scott Fowler the second verse!

All in all it was a fantastic evening.  Greater Vision certainly showed us why they are among the great groups in Southern Gospel Music.  Kirk Talley performed at the high level that he has for years and again proved that he is among the elite soloist in Southern Gospel Music.  Legacy Five was everything I expected and more.  My opinion is that the group is headed for some great things!  Thanks to each of them for a very memorable night of Southern Gospel Music!  

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